Preservation Briefs

The National Park Service has extensive information on preserving, rehabilitating andRebuilding Together Hartford restoring historic buildings. We share with you here links to some of their Preservation Briefs on topics we have been asked to provide technical assistance for and/or are relevant to preserving historic Hartford properties. Visit the NPS website for a complete list of publications.

Roofing for Historic Buildings
Aluminum and Vinyl Siding on Historic Buildings
The Use of Substitute Materials on Historic Buildings
Improving Energy Efficiency in Historic Buildings
The Repair of Historic Wooden Windows
Understanding Old Buildings: The Process of Architectural Investigation
Architectural Character: Identifying the Visual Aspects of Historic Buildings as an Aid to Preserving Their Character
The Repair, Replacement and Maintenance of Historic Slate Roofs
Making Historic Properties Accessible
Appropriate Methods of Reducing Lead-Paint Hazards in Historic Buildings (pdf file)
Preserving Historic Wooden Porches
Cleaning and Water-Repellent Treatments for Historic Masonry Buildings
Repointing Mortar Joints in Historic Masonry Buildings
Dangers of Abrasive Cleaning to Historic Buildings
Removing Graffiti from Historic Masonry
Exterior Paint Problems on Historic Woodwork
The Repair and Thermal Upgrading of Historic Steel Windows
New Exterior Additions to Historic Buildings: Preservation Concerns
Repairing Historic Flat Plaster – Walls and Ceilings
Painting Historic Interiors
The Use of Awnings on Historic Buildings
Mothballing Historic Buildings
The Preservation and Repair of Historic Stained and Leaded Glass
Protecting Cultural Landscapes: Planning, Treatment and Management of Historic Landscapes
The Preparation and Use of Historic Structure Reports