Save The Comet


289 Farmington Avenue – Comet Diner

Round 2: October 2016

HPA has been advised that the owner of 289 Farmington Avenue will again be requesting permission to demolish the Comet Diner at the next Hartford Historic Preservation Commission hearing on Wednesday, November 16.


  1. Attend the commission hearing: The Historic Preservation Commission meets at 4 pm at 260 Constitution Plaza in the Plaza Level Conference Room. Parking available on the street (metered until 6 pm) or in the Morgan Street Garage.  Directions to 260 Constitution Plaza and the conference room.
  2. Write to the Hartford Historic Preservation Commission, c/o Sandra Fry, City of Hartford, Development Services, 250 Constitution Plaza, Hartford, CT 06103
  3. Or send an email to the Commission via
  4. Help us spread the word by following us on Facebook and commenting and sharing our posts

. . . The Comet is not like most (other diners). It’s a very special and very rare gem, and its loss would be much more significant that the loss of many other diners.”

– Wesli AnneMarie Dymoke,

What Will It Take? Frank Hagaman’s Sep 8 2016 blog

Round 1: August 2016

Late in the afternoon of August 12, 2016, the Alliance received word that the owners of The Comet Diner would be requesting a demolition permit at the next Hartford Historic Preservation Commission hearing – just three business days away.

HPA immediately stared a “Save The Comet” media campaign the included notifications to our email list, Facebook posts and extensive local media coverage. HPA’s efforts and the incredible response we received from our calls to action resulted in the owners’ withdrawal of their demolition request.



Rumblings of Grass-Roots Campaign to Save The Comet

Owners Pull Plan to Demolish Comet Diner

2 thoughts on “Save The Comet

  1. This building is a great building in a bad location. Lack of parking has always been an issue. Would love to see it relocated.

  2. If parking is such an issue for its survival, then demolish the Dunkin Donuts building for parking there. We don’t need another D+D.

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